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What's the best thing to do in Verona? A walking tour!

Our "free-tours concept" are based solely on donations.

The JM Walkingtour project is dedicated to all those who, thanks to our guided visits, wish to get to know the cities and at the same time contribute to the fundraising for the removal of architectural barriers which hamper the day-to-day life of people with disabilities.

Our volunteers are authorized no-profit guides and carry out their tasks for free, in favor of all those joining the program; the love for their own city and their art-historical competences make our tours unique.

We are strongly convinced, and this is why at the end of the tour we will ask you for a donation, that a remuneration in exchange for a bit of extra knowledge would be fair and gratifying for all. Thank you for your generous contribution.

This tour is accessible to people with reduced mobility, it is ideal for families with children and strollers, or for those who do not want to be separated from their four-legged friends.

Verona Free walking tour presentation

If you are a curious person with a thirst for knowledge and you cannot wait to visit a new city through a “walking tour”, then we from JM Verona is just the right one for you.

We will walk across the most important and famous squares and streets, but above all across the most hidden and unknown places of Verona, everything will be told through the history, the trivia and the anecdotes of one of the oldest cities in Italy.

Together we will visit Piazza Bra, which hosts the renowned Arena di Verona, Piazza Erbe with the Torre dei Lamberti, the Ponte di Castelvecchio and the Ponte Pietra, passing by the most beautiful churches of the city, like the Duomo and Sant’Anastasia.

Needless to say, fun facts about the local culture and typical food will not lack, not to mention the anecdotes about the ancient Roman history of Verona, that still today intrigue even us.

Our walking tour is recommended to all, adults and children, to those who are visiting Verona for the very first time and those who have already been in Verona but would like to rediscover the city with fresh eyes. Our guides are young and prepared, always ready to answer all questions you may have.

They will not only tell you the millenarian history of Verona, but also the amusing stories about the famous characters that have lived it, many curious anecdotes and its folklore.

The meeting point is located at the Arco dei Gavi, in Corso Cavour, where you will find our guide waiting for you, with the JM Walking tour sign.

How does Verona Walking Tour work?

Please arrive 15 minutes early, so that we may start the visit on time.

There will be no breaks during our tours, we therefore suggest to wear comfortable clothes depending on the season, to wear trainers, and to carry a bottle of water with you.

Do not forget to bring an umbrella in the event of rain or sun during hot summer days.

The itinerary may vary due to weather conditions.

The tour will take place exclusively on foot, it lasts about two hours and may include a maximum of 20 participants.

In order to make the most out of our suggestions, we suggest to attend the JM tour at the beginning of your stay.

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