About Us

Who is JMwalkingtour?

JMwalkingtour was founded in Venice in 2013, from an idea put forth by Maurizio Melluso, president of the JM/aps association, which operates in area of social services/justice for the disabled.

The aim was to conduct guided tours, in the city built on a lagoon, for people with problems related to mobility.

The architectural barriers that Venice presents (canals, bridges, etc.) seemed at first to be insurmountable.

Alternate routes, which could accomodate wheelchairs, were studied and with the help of the city administration, special motorized lifts were constructed for crossing the bridges: the most daunting task, by far.

From that moment on, those barriers (which everywhere, especially here in Venice, make life exceedingly difficult for those with disabilities) have become the object of our mission. Not just here, but in all of Italy.

Our mission

Our volunteer, non-profit guides, during their tours, point out these impediments, which are found throughout cities large and small in Italy, using pictures and reportage to submit to each city's administration.

Some of these reportage may have been brought to the attention of the authorities, while others may not have been, but we always make sure that the people in power know that we will pursue our goals.

To offer an indelible experience and to boost our fund-raising we do believe that a donation for our charity will bring together both a fair and rewarding experience.

We hope to see many of you at our meeting point, thanking everyone for their donations thus far and appreciative in advance of those to come.

Let's support JM Cause!