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What's the best thing to do in Milan? A walking tour!

Our "free-tours concept" are based solely on donations.

The JM Walkingtour project is dedicated to all those who, thanks to our guided visits, wish to get to know the cities and at the same time contribute to the fundraising for the removal of architectural barriers which hamper the day-to-day life of people with disabilities.

Our volunteers are authorized no-profit guides and carry out their tasks for free, in favor of all those joining the program; the love for their own city and their art-historical competences make our tours unique.

We are strongly convinced, and this is why at the end of the tour we will ask you for a donation, that a remuneration in exchange for a bit of extra knowledge would be fair and gratifying for all. Thank you for your generous contribution.

This tour is accessible to people with reduced mobility, it is ideal for families with children and strollers, or for those who do not want to be separated from their four-legged friends.

Milan Free walking tour presentation

Through our Liberty tour you will discover a different Milan, not only the one famous for fashion and design, always in a bit of a hurry and sometimes a little gray, but rather a city made of stately buildings that contain secrets and incredible stories, colored by the creativity of architects and artists who have shaped it with unique examples, turning it into an open air museum.

Did you know, for example, that Milan used to be a city of water and was considered a silent city, and even had a district named “the quadrilateral of silence”? You will discover all of this in the company of our guide through a walk that slowly leads to observe all the special features, with an invitation to look up to the famous rooftops, taking all the necessary time to get pleasantly lost in observing the tiniest detail.

From time to time your guide will create a thematic itinerary by identifying the most interesting districts and by proposing a pleasant walk, during which it will be possible to chitchat and provide many useful suggestions on how to best live the city according to the different times of the day or zones one would like to discover.

Participating to our tours at the beginning of your stay is essential in order to make the most out of the precious tips and to choose how to live some of the typical Milan experiences in the exact same way a local would, among which where to shop, which museum to visit, or where to enjoy the famous aperitif on the Naviglio at sunset.

The meeting point is located in Oberdan square, ight in front of the Antica Farmacia Diana, where you will find our guide waiting for you, with the JM Walking tour sign.

How does Milan Walking Tour work?

Please arrive 15 minutes early, so that we may start the visit on time.

There will be no breaks during our tours, we therefore suggest to wear comfortable clothes depending on the season, to wear trainers, and to carry a bottle of water with you.

Do not forget to bring an umbrella in the event of rain or sun during hot summer days.

The itinerary may vary due to weather conditions.

The tour will take place exclusively on foot, it lasts about two hours and may include a maximum of 20 participants.

In order to make the most out of our suggestions, we suggest to attend the JM tour at the beginning of your stay.

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